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My work could appear manifold at first glance, but in reality it follows a simple research, that is, the relationship between lines and colors, figure and background.


I have created different series of works, each of them thought as an autonomous project, exploring specific ideas or themes.

I return on each of these different series every couple of years or so in order to pushing forward their potentialities.


My investigation in art has been driven by my fascination with Byzantine icons and Italian paintings from the Quattrocento, as timeless, enlightening and magical devices.

In my view piece of art is, in many ways, a magical device, something that actually does something, has an impact, an effect on both the space and the viewer.

As artist Eva Hesse says, "Don't ask what it means or what it refers to. Don't ask what the work is. Rather, see what the work does.”

- -


Francesco Mario Tumbiolo (b. Pisa, Italy) holds two Master Degrees, one in Law (University of Pisa, Italy) and one in Communication (University of Siena, Italy).

After work experiences as radio host, freelance photographer and communication consultant, he embraced visual art as his profession.


He lives and paints in Brooklyn, NY.  

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